Lemnos (Limnos) is an island that is off the beaten track, far from the hype that more popular, jet set islands are associated with. A place that is still very much closely linked to its traditional roots, where life goes on as it and with urbanization drawing people from islands to cities, it came to be that some houses in villages were vacated, leaving buildings empty and unmaintained over the years. This was the case for the village of Varos, among others.

It was 2010 when a Greek visualizer and entrepreneur was inspired to breathe life back into the neglected Varos village, deciding to salvage the traditional settlement. With his valuable experience and expertise as a civil engineer, he was able to lovingly restore the village of Varos to its past glory, modernizing the facilities of the buildings, whilst at the same time preserving the traditional Lemnian charm.

The old, once fully functional windmills and some of the village’s abandoned households were revived through this project. Once part of the daily fabric of the village, these historic structures have now been remodeled into high quality, spacious holiday suites, equipped with all the modern facilities you would expect from a luxury hotel, providing a most unique stay experience in Lemnos.

The newly restored village became the perfect accommodation set up, ready to welcome visitors of Lemnos island and provide them with all the conveniences of a proper summer home. Residences just like the old days, but also fully functional, fitted with modern day comforts.

And thus, the entire hospitality concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences was born. Varos village was transformed into a fascinating setting as part of a larger, unique and luxurious hotel in Lemnos.

Varos village Today

Varos village today welcomes travelers from around the world, as friends and as family, to a hospitality concept that creates long lasting memories from invaluable moments. It is all about waking up in a place where time runs slowly; where each experience and encounter satiates the soul as much as it stimulates the mind. It is the priceless sensation of being part of a community, being greeted by a genuine smile and a heartfelt ‘Kalimera’. It is feeling of fulfillment that is created you when you are welcomed into your best friend’s home. It is when there is something unmistakable about the way you feel inside.

This is precisely what the hospitality concept of Varos Village Hotel & Residences stands for today. It is a place that awakens the senses; a setting that revives the values of a more simple kind of life, without compromising on any conveniences all the while maintaining a fascinating character and palpable history. Varos Village Hotel & Residences as a whole epitomizes the best of traditional Lemnian style. It has meticulously adhered to the traditional local decor of earthy colours and materials, volcanic stones and tiles made from famous Lemnia Terra clay, which were carefully preserved and reused by local craftsmen during the restoration. There is real history in these walls and that is what makes a stay experience here, disarmingly tangible.

Providing two separate accommodation experiences, Guests are faced with the choice of either staying at one of the amazing accommodation of Varos Village Boutique Hotel with all the amenities at your feet, or a more exclusive accommodation arrangement by staying at one of the Varos Residences, only a few minutes away from the hotel premises by foot.